6-Weeks Private Dog Training Packages (Dates and Times Scheduled upon Registration)


10/17/2022 - 12/18/2022    
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Bookings closed


New Mexico Dog Training Academy
12220 NM 14 Suite H, Cedar Crest, NM, 87008

6-Weeks – 1 Hour Each Week
Once Registered – NM Dog Training Academy Will Schedule A Time with You
($994.00 + 7.75% tax) That is a 50% Discount

New Mexico Dog Training Academy, LLC is offering a 6 week Private Sessions Basic Obedience and Advanced Obedience Dog Training Package to teach you and your dog how to train together.  You and your pup will be working with an Professional Dog Trainer once a week for 1 hour at the NM Dog Training Facility.  During this time the focus will be on Basic Obedience learning the cues SIT, DOWN, SIT-STAY, DOWN-STAY, COME, STOP, GO TO PLACE, and LEAVE-IT. Once these are mastered we will further the training to include many Advanced Obedience Cues. This training provides the foundational skills necessary for your dog to become a well-mannered, family pet. Having a reliable and dependable pet provides you with freedom to access the world together. Advanced Obedience Training can follow once the basics are mastered.

ONCE YOU REGISTER, YOU ARE RESERVING A SPACE AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED. By signing up, the owner understands an agrees that they are being trained to train their dog and that without 100% cooperation with the trainer and solid consistent practice between owner and dog; the dog will not get trained. Training is contingent upon the owner’s willingness to do the homework, handle and/or work the dog as described in these private sessions. 

Note: Please bring veterinary records for your pup to the first private session. 


Bookings are closed for this event.