PTSD Service Dog and Companion Dog Training

Service Dog or Companion Dog Training is done in both the class environment and private training, at our indoor training facility, in your home, and out in public. The trainings provide the opportunity for group instruction and socialization and individualized instruction to accommodate various disabilities or special needs. Training begins with an initial consultation where our objective is to obtain information on your individual needs and a full history about your dog and to gather detailed information that assists us in developing an appropriate training plan. Several factors have to be taken into consideration and it must be known that training of a Service Dog can be a 2 to 3-year process and not every dog is cut out to be a Service Dog. Service Dogs are not Certified but New Mexico Dog Training Academy, LLC but we will require dogs to pass the Canine Good Citizen and Public Access Tests. Please contact Dana Striker at (505)270-5930 for consultation.